Facebook Advertising Guidelines

Facebook has put available advertising guidelines to share with advertisers about what is appropriate and unacceptable when it comes to ads. Facebook believes that many ad placed on the social websites platform should help with the usersí general experience. An excellent ad is made to target individuals according to their interactions with friends and relationships with businesses, artists, and brands so for those looking to promote their products sending commercial messages using scaffold wraps is a great choice for this. In accordance with Facebook, advertisers have to ensure their ads follow all applicable regulations, statutes, and laws. Any ad placed on Facebook should not contain deceptive, fraudulent, misleading or false content or claims.


Advertisers can just use Facebook advertising data anonymously to gauge the effectiveness and performance of these ad campaigns. The info shouldn’t be utilized to identify a certain device, computer, browser or user.

Information obtained completely from users can only be used once they provide consent. Advertisers also have to ensure they comply with set laws while using the information. Moreover, no data ought to be indirectly or directly transferred or sold to some party which is not involved in the advertisersí ad campaigns.

Ad Creativity and Positioning

Every ad component has to be appropriate and tightly related to the goods and services a marketer is offering and the particular audience it really is sent to. Ads ought not include flash animations or audio that plays automatically without the userís interaction. The ads put on Facebook shouldn’t position any services or products in a sexually suggestive way.

Facebook does not allow ads that benefit from political agenda or controversial topics for commercial gain. Every ad positioned on the network should comply with proper grammar. Any letters, numbers or symbols need to follow their genuine meaning.

All ads must symbolize the particular brand, service, company or service being advertised. Links provided on Facebook ads shouldn’t lead users to prohibited services or products.

Facebook ads should not target users depending on their personal characteristics like religion, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, name, financial information, criminal record, problem or disability.

Automobile ad leads a Facebook user to a certain website landing page, it ought to let them navigate away when they have explored the page.

Ad Content

Every claim made in a ad must be substantiated and should not offend a persons. Any offers highlighted on the ad really should not be deceptive or false. Ads are certainly not in a position to promote illegal services or violate one third partyís rights.

Ads must not promote use or sale of adult products. Contraception and family planning ads are permitted but they should keep to the established targeting requirement. Ads that promote dating sites are allowed once they usually do not emphasis on sex.

Facebook ads cannot facilitate or promote the consumption or sale associated with a recreational or illegal drug. Cigarettes and tobacco products and paraphernalia are prohibited.

Ads can promote internet gambling however, this is dependent upon the country. Prior authorization is forced to include ads that highlight online casinos. Lotteries might be included if they’re managed by the government but they need to follow jurisdiction laws.