Social media provides a quick way to keep in contact with both potential and existing customers and clients. Simply post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any number of other sites whenever you offer a new product or service, have a special offer, or want to impart important information about your company. Each post is designed to push visitors or subscribers to visit your website and sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase.

Knowing the basic information you want to share is not enough to entice people to follow you and, especially, to share what you post with their friends and family. This type of organic, word of mouth marketing can do more to increase your company’s reach and profit base than anything else.

Once you have this traffic source flowing, long-term business relationships will flourish. This is exactly what you need for increasing profits and improved brand recognition across your industry.

But how do you encourage your social media followers to share your company posts with others?

It makes sense that someone interested in your products or services may know people who are interested in the same things. They may repost your announcements of sales or special offers since they will want their friends to save money or try great products too, but how do you get them talking about your company in between times?

Make Posts Too Interesting to Ignore

People need a reason to share your social media posts. Make them interesting, with new and unique information. Be personal. Instead of sounding like a company announcement, sound like a friend helping them with a problem. Use humor, pictures, and video as well.

No matter what, the social media posts should encourage people to share them with friends by making them too good to ignore. If you have enough character space, tell them to share them as well.

Make it Point to Something Great

In order for any tweet or Facebook post to make people want to share, it needs to point to something they want to know more about or buy. Use links wisely in your posts and make sure everything on the social media sites and your business website converts interested people into long-term customers. Build the trust and people will be more eager to share everything you have to say.

The entire process takes some trial and error and a healthy dose of patience and effort. Unless you have a dedicated social media expert in your company, it can begin to detract from other things you should be focusing on like development and customer service.

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